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Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you wish you had a more confident or more dazzling smile? At Art District Dental, we can help you achieve your goal. We offer some of the most popular cosmetic services available today, with the goal of helping patients just like you achieve a newfound sense of confidence and satisfaction. During a special consultation at our Fort Worth office, we can help you determine which services are right for you. Once your treatment is complete, you'll have a revitalized smile you'll look forward to sharing with the world.

Our cosmetic services include:

Teeth Whitening

As embarrassing as tooth stains are, they're also a natural problem that everyone struggles with. Most stains are caused by the foods and drinks we consume. Others are caused by tobacco use and certain medications while still others are the result of basic aging. 

But just because stains develop naturally, that doesn't mean they're welcome. This is why cosmetic dentists like Dr. Wear offer teeth whitening. With this popular service, patients can erase or minimize the appearance of stains, resulting in a brighter smile. 

If you're preparing for a special life event, like a wedding or a job search, consider contacting us about teeth whitening. We would be happy to discuss how it works and the options available to you. At Art District Dental, a whiter smile is truly within your reach.


Are you looking for an alternative to traditional braces? At Art District Dental we offer orthodontic care with a revolutionary braces system known as Invisalign. Invisalign doesn't use brackets or wires to move teeth into their ideal position. Instead, it uses a series of custom-made trays that are clear and removable. As a result, patients can look forward to a more discreet treatment. They can also enjoy an unlimited diet and brush and floss as thoroughly as they normally would.

Porcelain Veneers

Are you looking for a service that will let you easily improve the appearance of cracked, chipped, stained, or misaligned teeth? Let Dr. Wear talk to you about the benefits of treatment with porcelain veneers. This service uses thin sheaths of dental porcelain to completely revitalize smiles in as few as two office visits. When your treatment is complete, you'll have a whiter and straighter-looking smile, plus an enhanced sense of confidence and wellbeing.

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